Leadership Giving: It's Easier Than You Think

Giving at the Leadership Level is a powerful demonstration of your commitment to the community.

By contributing at a Leadership Level, you are joining others in the Tulsa area to strengthen the building blocks of a better life - education, health/safety and financial stability. Working together, people with passion and commitment, like you, are leading the way to a brighter tomorrow.

Leadership gifts range from $500 to $9,999 annually.

Many people may not consider themselves "leadership givers". Indeed, many don't realize they're already supporting the Tulsa Area United Way at a leadership level.

You can qualify for recognition as a leadership giver by contributing only $1.37 per day, or $41 per month. In addition, you may be able to leverage the size of your gift through your company or organization's matching program, or through a special annual United Way challenge grant.

The Tulsa Area United Way makes giving as simple and convenient as possible through online donations, monthly billing or payroll deductions.

Individuals or couples interested in a higher level of commitment may become members of the Alexis de Tocqueville Society (annual support of $10,000.)

If you are a coordinator or would like to request your recognition gift, click here.

To inform us of your individual donation, click here.

Here's what $1.37 a day or $41 a month can provide:

  • A monthly grocery sack for two disabled or elderly people
  • Curriculum materials for 17 transitional work adjustment high school students with disabilities
  • Eight counseling sessions to help youth and families resolve issues
  • Hygiene and food packets to 150 homeless youth
  • Thirty hours of individual therapy for an abused child