Campaign Fellows Program

A Community Investment Opportunity for Your Company

​Individuals in the Campaign Fellowship Program (CFP) play a crucial role in the success of the annual Tulsa Area United Way campaign. Campaign Fellows are employees who are "loaned" to TAUW for approximately 12 weeks, end of August to mid November.

Each CFP participate becomes a part of our team, working with Tulsa area companies to develop workplace-giving programs. With over 1,300 campaigns running each year, TAUW simply could not meet the campaign goal without these individuals. 

Two Different Types of Campaign Fellows

Employees loaned from an organization - These individuals work at the United Way, while salary and benefits continue to be paid by the employer. This allows TAUW to minimize operating costs and maximize impact.

Sponsored Fellows - Sponsors give the funds to United Way to hire a professional to work full-time during the campaign.

Benefits to the Campaign Fellow

  • Training and development in sales and public speaking
  • Valuable new contacts and business relationships
  • Greater knowledge of how various companies operate
  • Opportunity to contribute directly to our community
  • Enhanced knowledge of community needs, economic trends and activities

Benefit to the Community

  • Keeps TAUW fundraising costs low so more dollars go directly to our partner agencies and the services they provide. 

For more information on the Campaign Fellowship Program, contact Haley Buzzard Hamilton at 918-295-6664 or